Monday, January 12, 2015

The #Marcelle Women Beauty Party

Dear Fashionistas and Beauty lovers,
In this post, I will be telling you about a beauty event I attended two months ago in downtown Montreal, #MarcelleWomen. 
Yes, its been quite awhile since this beauty party, 
but I had such a good time that skipping over it was just… 
I don't know, I had to write about it. 
Marcelle Women was an incredible beauty party organized by the well-known cosmetics company, Marcelle
First, getting the invitation was such a surprise and an honour since I knew I would be encountering and sharing beauty tips with talented Montreal beauty bloggers and Youtubers like me. Taking place at Hotel le Crystal, Marcelle Women was a night filled of girly conversations, beauty discoveries and delicious hors-d'oeuvres on the sound of lounge music. Plus, I got the chance to meet the Revenge TV-series star and the brand's face, Karine Vanasse, who was so kind-hearted. 
The cherry on the sunday was when Montreal's beauty guru, Jean François CD gave me essential tips about eyebrows! Major excitement here! You will definitely understand if you check out his Youtube and Instagram pages. Overall, I felt like "poisson dans l'eau"! Thank you to all Marcelle Cosmetics team for such a great night. 
P.S. During the Marcelle Women party, I made a beauty discovery, which I will be sharing with you in my next blogpost.

Outfit Details:
Knit - Zara Here
Tweed Pants - Here
Booties - Aldo Here
 Burgundy Suede Purse - Tila March Here
Necklace - Anne-Marie Chagnon Here

Little Selfie for the end :)


  1. THANK YOU for attending and for such a sweet article. I feel so spoiled to have made it into your pics ;0)
    I look forward to reading your product review! xo

    1. Good job on the event! Thanks again for the invite and for reading my article! xox


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