Monday, January 5, 2015

Garnet: January Stone

One of my resolutions for 2015 is to move away from the black. This is why, for the upcoming year, I will be adding more colourful pieces to my wardrobe. I decided to start the New Year afresh by focusing on the month of January's birthstone - the Garnet. As you can read in my last post "Burgundy Fever", Deep Red is already a rich colour I love implementing in my outfits. 
However, in my opinion, if we are looking at one perfectly structured outfit, it should be logically composed of one central colour, one neutral tone which will compliment the main colour, without being overbearing. Finally, the fun part of an outfit is adding some textures and patterns to the whole. (On a side note, textures and patterns will be very present in the year to come).
For example, if the central piece of my outfit was a burgundy dress, adding black-calf haired booties and a black leather jacket is a must in order to avoid an in-your-face outfit, while still being fashionable.
Fashion means simplicity and one must never forget that the most beautiful things are always simple.

I wish a Happy New Year to all my fellow readers, filled of beautiful simple things.

Garnet: January Stone

Text edited by Carine Massoud

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