Tuesday, December 2, 2014

ilarasway Beauty Tips: 5 Lip Balms for the Winter Perfect Lips

Dear beauties,
For years, I've been searching for the best lip balms to keep my lips hydrated all winter long and ready for the sexy summer season. 
If like me you fear the winter season the most for its de-hydrating effect and bad impact on your skin and lips, then this "must-try" list is just for you. 
These are the best lip balms I've tried so far in no specific order! If you are using another lip balm than the ones on this list, 
leave me comment, I would love to try them.

1. EOS Lip Balm in the Passionfruit Flavor

The EOS is part of morning beauty routine and have been using it since it came out! If you still haven't read about my morning beauty routine, check it out here!
Pro: The strange and unconventional packaging. 95% organic, 100% natural!
Con: It is definitely moisturizing and keeps my lips hydrated, but it is not a repairing lip balm like the Laroche Posay below. 
Worth it for the price and one of the best I tried from the hydration category only.
Buy it in the strawberry sorbet flavour, here

2. Maybelline's Baby Lips in Quenched

Pro: Love the packaging and the smell. For a drugstore brand, its a good lip balm and it kept my lips very moist.
Con: Baby Lips does not last for very long, but Hey, which girl is not used to have her lip balm around! I didn't really mind this aspect because I am the type of girl who always needs to reapply her lip balm. I usually use it when I don't wear any lipstick. 
However, in this line I recommend only buying the uncoloured one "Quenched" that you see above. I tried the coloured ones and my lips dried worse than before applying the balm.
Buy it here

3. Blistex Lip Medex

Pro: This is an extra-moisturizing and very inexpensive lip balm. Usually, this is a lip balm pharmacists recommend. My mom is a pharmacist and this is the one she recommends in the low-budget price range. What I like the most about Lip Medex is the instant relief effect it has on my lips. With a camphor smell, this lip balm is my life-savior whenever I have a cold. 
Buy it here

4. Smith's  Minted Rose Lip Balm

Pro: The rose ingredient in this lip balm is the one giving all the benefits to the balm. It is one of the best for dry and sensitive skin. I use the rosebud lip balm when my lips bleed from dryness because the rose has the advantage of working as antiseptic. Also, I know many people that use this balm as a moisturizer for their dry skin. That's how good this balm is!!
Con: In my opinion, I found that this lip balm was sticky. But, lets say that I am quit picky with my lip balms.
Buy it here

5. Laroche Posay's Ceralip Lip Repair Cream

 Two years ago, I used to have a lot of acne on my skin and had to take Accutane after several attempts to heal my skin. My dermatologist warned me about Accutane's ultra dehydrating effect on the skin, which was insane especially on my lips. She recommended me the Ceralip balm to keep my lips constantly hydrated in that period. And it worked! I don't know what I could've done without Ceralip. 
This lip balm is long lasting and very smooth at application. This lip balm is a baby :) 
Con: Although this balm has quite a lot of benefits, its unscented and I don't like that at all. You're gonna think but isn't it better if there are no extra useless chemicals for the scent. Well, since this balm is unscented, whenever I put it I can smell the scent of the ingredients in it and its quite weird. 
But, Hey this balm saved my life when my lips were at their worse!
Buy it here
+ If you want optimal results, use it with Cicaplast. It's like a fast repairing balm for chapped and bleeding lip. And YES I tried it when my lips where disgusting and bleeding from Accutane, and YES I saw a difference after 1 day.
Same as Ceralip, Cicaplast smells as bad!
Extra! Cicaplast Repairing Gel from Laroche Posay
Buy it here

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