Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Basak: Who doesn't love Chicken?

Dear foodie lovers,
If you love chicken, this is your place! 
My friend Fatima and I are both fans of korean food. So, we met last week to try this new korean resto in town, the Basak, located on Guy.  
In Korean culture, fried chicken is a must-try dish. 
I know you are going to tell me fried chicken is part of any menu, but what makes Korean chicken special is their cooking method and their sauces. Also, you can't have Korean fried chicken without a beer on the side. In Korean, this combination is called "chi-mek", for chicken and mekju, which means beer. 
The Basak is a specialty chicken restaurant and offers only chicken  in many kinds of tasty flavours and forms. 
Whenever I crave for chicken, I always have a hard time finding a restaurant offering only that.

Being small, the Basak is cozy and sweet, with very light colours in a simple and modern design.

The Basak, thumbs up!   

Fried Cheesesticks with mustard sauce & radish as a side dish

Crispy & Spicy Boneless chicken

Lemon Basak Soda

Simple and Cozy

Here is the address of the restaurant if you want to give it a try!
1237 rue Guy

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