Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Basak: Who doesn't love Chicken?

Dear foodie lovers,
If you love chicken, this is your place! 
My friend Fatima and I are both fans of korean food. So, we met last week to try this new korean resto in town, the Basak, located on Guy.  
In Korean culture, fried chicken is a must-try dish. 
I know you are going to tell me fried chicken is part of any menu, but what makes Korean chicken special is their cooking method and their sauces. Also, you can't have Korean fried chicken without a beer on the side. In Korean, this combination is called "chi-mek", for chicken and mekju, which means beer. 
The Basak is a specialty chicken restaurant and offers only chicken  in many kinds of tasty flavours and forms. 
Whenever I crave for chicken, I always have a hard time finding a restaurant offering only that.

Being small, the Basak is cozy and sweet, with very light colours in a simple and modern design.

The Basak, thumbs up!   

Fried Cheesesticks with mustard sauce & radish as a side dish

Crispy & Spicy Boneless chicken

Lemon Basak Soda

Simple and Cozy

Here is the address of the restaurant if you want to give it a try!
1237 rue Guy

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mirrored Black Retro

Whenever I go out, I love to feel comfortable and sexy in whatever I wear. My definition of the classy-sexy night-out outfit is all about simplicity. I prefer adding accessories to "glamourize" my outfits than multiplying the layers.

Simplicity is key!  

Along these lines, I went for an all-black outfit last weekend at the W Hotel. Getting ready in 10-15 minutes with this simple retro black dress and my "holy grail" accessory for the fall season, the suede thigh-high boot.  

Outfit Details:

Black Dress Club Monaco
Thigh High Boots Zara
Clutch Zara
Jewelry Soho Bijoux

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

ilarasway: Morning Beauty Routine

Dear Fashionistas and Beauty lovers, 
I confess and reveal to you my morning beauty routine and my "without-these-I-would-die" products. 
I've been using these products for 3 years now and I don't understand how I didn't find them before! 

I have a combination skin type and finding the right products that will keep my skin hydrated, without creating extra-sebum is quite hard. 
After a long search and many tryouts, I finally settled for this simple, 3 easy-steps beauty routine.

ilarasway: Morning Beauty Routine

Clarins' Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel with mooring extract

I am a sceptic person when comes to try new products. I stick to what I am used to and its quite hard to change my habits. 
However, what made me try the Clarins' Cleansing Gel was the target market of this Clarins' product line "Éclat du Jour", which represents the line that any girl should try when buying her first face-care product. In other words, it is targeted to the young female student/professional who wants to indulge her skin with luxurious products. 
Not only that, I wanted a light and hydrating product that matched my skin type.
Overall, the Clarins' Cleansing Gel smells good, is affordable for a luxurious face-care product and is great for sensitive and combination skin type. Thumbs up!

The Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Crème

This is the most expensive moisturizing cream I've ever owned. However, I got to say for my defence that I've tried many hydrating creams that gave me acne or oily spots before I finally ended up using this one. Thats why I've been splurging 80 nice-dollars on this cream and I've never been disappointed both during the hot summer days and the freezing winter season. 
No feel of stickiness or dryness, this gel-cream kept my face hydrated during my long busy days. Thumbs up!

Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel Cream

Finally, I use Laneige's Water Bank eye gel to make my eye rings less visible. 
I love this primer because it is very light, hydrating and soothing, especially when I wake up and didn't remove my makeup the night before. 
The only disadvantage, it is quite hard to find in Montreal since it is a product from South Korea. Usually, C&C Korean Cosmetics carry this brand in limited quantity. But, of course for the online shoppers, finding it will be piece of cake with online shopping store such Yes Asia. 

Because who doesn't love Bonus!

For Winter, I can't live without my EOS Lip Balm. The packaging is fun, it gives me hydrated lips all day and I always wear it before starting my makeup routine.

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