Thursday, October 30, 2014

Goodtime at The Beauty and The Beeeef!

Dear Foodie Lovers, so recently the Beauty and The Beeeef Bar & Restaurant opened right beside my university, Concordia and I have been craving to try it every time I passed by. 

Finally, my friend, Fatima and I decided to give it a try. 
As soon as we stepped in, we fell in love at first sight with their amazing "boucheron"- vintage rock decor style. We ordered poutines, which were absolutely delicious, not only that, their menu is quite creative and very unique.

For those who don't know about poutines, it is a typical Quebecois dish. Its a mix of french fries, cheese and barbecue-type sauce. I know it sounds quite weird, but I guarantee the deliciousness of this dish.

The bar, the Beauty and the Beeeef

My friend, Fatima

Poutine Beeef

Poutine Gabriel


  1. Bon appetit!! By the way, which poutine did you try?? I just checked their online menu and they have like a dozen different poutines that all sound delicious!

    1. Indeed! I had a really hard time choosing myself :) I had the poutine Gabriel with bacon, red peppers and onions... Let me know what you think about this place when you go :)

    2. Mmmm awesome! I have my eyes set on the Vladimir Poutine (sounds funky good)! I'll definitely let you know when I try it out :)


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