Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What!? Lip Laboratory!

I've already heard before that I had the possibility of making my own perfume in Montreal, but I was surprised when I stumbled on the BITE Lip Laboratory when I went to the Sephora downtown Montreal last Saturday. 

Fashionistas had the chance to sit down with experts who were creating the lipsticks' colours, textures and scents according to what they wanted to have. In other words, its like putting you are yourself putting everything you want in a lipstick together and no other woman could have the same since it is a personalized BITE Lipstick.

What is BITE?

BITE is a Toronto-based beauty company specialized in lip care and healthy enough that it could be edible for the woman. The company uses only natural ingredients such as antioxidants that comes from the resvetrol, orange peel wax to lock the colour on the lips and finally, Jojoba and Castor oil to keep the lips hydrated all day long.

How it worked?

A big, boxed silver oven was placed at the Sephora entrance with an adorable lady wearing the white chemist gown and glasses, who was taking out sticks of colours from a lipstick mould. After taking out the lipstick from its mould, the lady was carefully placing the lipstick in its usual grey box ready to use after it cool down for a few minutes. The colour samples were adorably placed on transparent little trays like truffes in a candy shop front window. 

I used a half of #9 & half of #7 with a Matte finish and a scent of Vanilla :)

A glimpse of the BITE colours I got. Its a rosy natural tone and is great when I want to have a flawless and uniform lip colour. 

It was fascinating to see the entire process of how lipsticks were actually done. Unfortunately, the BITE Travelling Lab has only a fixed location in New York on a bigger scale, where fashionistas take appointments months in advance to enjoy this entire experience.

The address: 174 Prince Street, NY

So if you encounter someday a BITE Travelling Beauty Lab, it is worth taking the time to enjoy this whole experience. 
You can buy the entire ready-to-wear lip beauty line exclusively at any Sephora, here,



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