Friday, August 1, 2014

My trip to Lebanon

When I came back from my summer trip, many friends asked me about how was Lebanon?
Well, here's my story :)

I recently visited my family in Lebanon and I gotta say that the trip was beyond my expectations. I realize how much this is such an underestimated country in terms of scenery and touristic attractions! I've heard so much about it from my lebanese friends and I've never thought about one day traveling the country of the green Cedar.
Indeed, it was my first time in Lebanon, more specifically in the cities of Jounieh and Beirut. 
Since I came back, Lebanon became a word I've been using non-stop.
Beautiful roads and country full of history, where everything is so close to eachother! 
Kilometers of light blue ocean, waves and white sand beaches! 
Days, after days of blue skies filled with a hard hitting sun, as if clouds and rain never existed!  
Sunset, Nightlife, Sunrise!

I had such an amazing time, 
but I gotta say that without my cousins, my family and friends, it wouldn't be the same.
Without all the laughter and the fights among eachother, it wouldn't be the same. 
Without all the partying, the drinking, and the socializing, it wouldn't be the same.
Without the tears and the smiles, it wouldn't be the same.
Thank you so much for the lebanese ride!
Lara :)

P.S. For the Karbouch family, I hope to be able to live all these emotions again,
but in Syria this time and with every single one of you!

With the sista!

With the beautiful Karbouch Women in Jbeil!
Ocean Blue Beach <3
Ocean Blue Beach <3

Ocean Blue Beach <3

At Mar Charbel, eating mashawi!
Bakonshi :)

Beautiful Karbouch Women, standing for a class picture :P
In Jbeil
The view from the Residencia Hotel in Jounieh <3

Not the ultimate vacation, without a poolside selfie!
Residencia Hotel, Jounieh

Al Raouché sunset

I miss you cousins :(

Work Hard, Play Hard!
Publicity in Jbeil

My ultimate bias, Ghassouné Habibi :)

The view from Pinky Restaurant in Harissa!
The view from the Pinky restaurant in Harissa!
The craziest and best people ever!
I miss you family!

Beautiful Sunset in Al Raouché

This blog needs more than 1 selfie!

Walking under the palm trees of Al Raouché!
At Revolver Karaoke Bar on Uruguay Street, in Beirut! 
Can't be a girls night out, without a polaroid, a cosmopolitan and Malboros!
I miss you girls so much!
Last but not the least, the view we had on the road!

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