Monday, April 14, 2014

Total Awesomness! Alexander Wang for H&M


I was waiting for that moment for Evaaa. I was wondering when Alexander Wang would do a collaboration with H&M! Last November, it was Isabel Marant, with her bohemian-chic convenient look and now its Alexander Wang.

What I hope to see in his collection? HIS ROCCO DUFFLE BAG! A classic for Alexander Wang!

Even if the collection is only arriving in stores on November 6th, the wait is worthwhile. A topnotch designer, Wang has worked as a creative director for Balenciaga and has moved the heart of many fashionistas, like me with his well established brand.

I hope to see the quality and the innovativeness of Wang's collection transcended in this collaboration! 

Honestly, I don't know how I will do to wait until Nov 6th but you will for sure see me in store!
 *so excited**
 Lara :) <3

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