Monday, April 14, 2014

My experience at Printemps du MAC

Many of you might wonder: "What is Printemps du MAC?"

*I didn't know at first too*

First of all, MAC is short for "Musée d'Art Contemporain", which is a museum here in Montreal, located on Place des Arts. The museum exhibits in exclusivity collections of contemporary art from local and international artists. 

“To make known, promote and preserve contemporary Québec art and to ensure a place for international contemporary art through acquisitions, exhibitions and other cultural activities.”

Every year, the museum hosts "Les Printemps du MAC", a fundraiser ball to promote to young generations the importance of local contemporary art. It is a team of young professionals who are passionate about local art & culture and want the young generation to feel, preserve & give back this heritage to their entourage.

For a first experience, seeing that mass of young professionals attending this event was just impressive. The MAC's message was definitely heard among this mass dancing to DJ Abeille *one of my favorite DJs*, and enjoying every room full of colourful and innovative art pieces, Christian Marclay: The Clock.  

DJ Abeille

Anyway, I just had a lot fun seeing at least 1000 people enjoying this important cause together. 

With my beautiful friend, Cristina!

Little sneak peak of my makeup and outfit that night.

Dress: Isabel Marant X H&M 

*sorry for the picture quality. used my phone*
Eyes: Stila Waterproof Eyeliner

See you next year,

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