Monday, March 31, 2014

Marie Saint Pierre: A designer that empowers women

I was really excited to go to class today, even if it was at 9 in the morning. Usually, I am not a morning person but today was a special day because Marie Saint Pierre was the invited designer of my fashion history class. 

Marie Saint Pierre

She is an inspiring local designer to me and having her at 2 rows of me, was just overwhelming. I usually have the stereotype that well-established and successful figures are unattainable just because they are very important, however today I was proved wrong. She seemed so human and approachable, entering the room with her Uniqlo jacket and having an alarm reminding to put money in her parking. 

Today, I didn't see her only as a successful internationally established designer, but a business woman that also has her own little stories and concerns. Even if she seemed nervous at first, she was smiling and projecting this aura of confidence and strength, portrayed in her collections. Plus, she is extremely good at it. 

Marie Saint Pierre, a powerful woman, who made herself a name on the local and international fashion scene, she kept moving on with innovative and ahead of the trends ideas, even during the period of crisis for independent designer in 1997. She managed to arrive to where she is now by staying consistent to her vision, any women should feel beautiful and happy in efficient, functional and high quality clothes. 

She dresses a wide range of women, from actresses to scientists. What they all have in common is that Maison Marie Saint Pierre clothes, empower all these women. Her garments are all about the liberation of women from their gender roles, tension between masculinity and femininity, strong intuition and imagination. Finally, like Air Paris said about the brand, "it is a constant battle between power-dressing and sculptural art". 

Bridal Collection, Marie Saint Pierre

Marie Saint Pierre dream: In 2010, Marie Saint Pierre launched her very first perfume, B&C which is a long time dream she finally accomplished. 

Her take on perfumes, designer view: Most intimate dress to put on a woman!

Her woman inspiration: Marie Saint Pierre's influence is her mother, who was at the time considered as a very stylish woman, already bringing in to the Quebec fashion scene, Yamamoto and Courrèges. She is the one, who infused fashion design to Marie Saint Pierre.

Her Motto: "There is no one way of seeing things. There is infin
ity in anything. Do not take everything for granted".

Marie Saint Pierre, chapeaux for all the work and heritage to the next generation!

B&C Marie Saint Pierre, Eau de Parfum

All pictures were taken from Marie Saint Pierre website.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Montreal Korean and Language Culture Centre New Youtube Channel

Hi Everyone,

This is a project I've been working on for 6 months now with the Montreal Korean Language and Culture Centre (MKLCC). It's a non profit organization for all Korean and Non-Korean in Montreal who want to craft enriching intercultural experiences! The MKLCC is the reference point of the Korean culture in Montreal.

The MKLCC and my team are launching our Youtube Channel and here is our first video!


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