Wednesday, February 12, 2014

KENZO: A Journey around the World

Gallery Vivienne, Paris, France in 1970, a young and ambitious japanese designer, KENZO Takada broke all conventions of Haute Couture fashion with a brand defined by ethnic prints, vibrant colors and unconventional use of women proportions. One of the pioneers of the ready-to-wear wave and contemporary fashion, KENZO is a fashion house who understood that a creative, fun and free style was inevitable to embrace the social trend of the moment, which allowed women to dress smartly everyday. 

In fact, the spectacular accomplishments and the respect of the true essence of the fashion house placed KENZO on the same platform as long-lived Haute Couture fashion brands. The meeting of Orient and Occident, the ethnic prints and vibrant colors, and the sense of worldliness, were and still are the values that make up the ADN of the successful brand.

His knowledge and experience about life and the world is a crucial skill he maintained and kept consistent in his collections, as well as in the theme of the venue of his exhibitions and fashion shows. From white horse to elephants parading on the podium of Jungle Jap, the brand’s first store, KENZO’s fashion shows always themed the culture of the collection showcased by bringing it to life for the audience. This is how KENZO distinguished as a brand from the other forces driving the ready-to-wear war by bringing to the scene, human values, experience, and multiculturalism beyond reality.

Throughout the years and collections of KENZO’s work, all three values, the meeting of Orient and Occident, the ethnic prints and vibrant colors, and the sense of worldliness, brought the brand recognition, respect and distinctiveness in the fashion world. Kenzo Takada, who applied his oriental origins and knowledge to the occidental fashion scene, created iconic pieces characterized by ethnic prints and vibrant colors that represented his journey throughout the world as a worldly traveller.

 It is without any doubt that Kenzo Takada became a role model for many fashionistas, fashion designers and bloggers, as well as the fashion-forward population.

What to remember about KENZO (take a look, here)
Ethnic Prints
Vibrant Colors
Fashionably Smartly Dressed Outfits, Everyday!



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