Thursday, January 2, 2014

Girl Model: The Documentary

During the Holidays, I decided to do a marathon of fashion documentaries. One that caught my attention was Girl Model (2011). This documentary depicts the other side of modelling business, the ugly part. 

Behind-the-scenes of what we think are the fancy pictures, luxurious lifestyle and dreamy career. They start the young ages of 12 to 15 ys because they want to be saved of the darkness and poverty they are living. To be saved and to save their families, but they come back torn, sad, mature and disappointed. 
What shocked me even more is how they do it again because they think that this time might be the one. That this time they will be better and will be able to succeed, but they come back even worse than before.

This is a touching and tough documentary, but is definitely worth watching it because we realize that the modelling business isn't as beautiful as we think it is. We already know that the business is made of drawbacks, but this movie is a reality check.

"We've become grown ups too fast"- Nadya Vall, main character and model of the movie. 

Below images & the official trailer taken from the documentary and the models.

Nadya Vall, the protagonist of Girl Model

Madlen, the roomate of Nadya

Girl Model Official Trailer

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