Monday, September 9, 2013

Louboutin: My story about the Red Soles

Last week, I was in Toronto and I really wanted to share with you my experience at the Christian Louboutin exposition, which took place at the Design Exchange Museum in the Financial District. 

This exposition is heaven to all women and when I say all women, it is really every single women in the world.
 (Guys, this is a hint for you :P)

I especially noticed how Louboutin designed a pair of shoes that appeals to any type of women.
The Sexy one, the Classy one, the Glamour one, the Smart one, the Sporty one.

From 12 inches heels to ballet flats and funky boots, Louboutin didn't miss out on anything. My best friend who is really not into fancy heels and shoes told me secretly during the exposition that she fell in love with the red soles. I believe that if my best friend made that confession, no women will say "NO" to at least one pair of Loubies in her shoe collection, including me.

Through his shoes, we directly see how he is not only a shoe designer, but much more. 
He is an artist ruling the shoe and fashion industry.

I was already in love with Louboutin and his creations, but I definitely fell in love again.

If you went to the exposition, 
Leave a comment below.

I am really curious to know what you think about the exposition,



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