Sunday, July 14, 2013

GoodNight at Buonanotte

Whenever I want to dress up, wear my nicest clothes and accessories, and have a great night partying with my girls, my favourite place is on St-Laurent street, more specifically at the Buonanotte nightclub. St-Laurent is the main street for those who want to party and dance their night away. 

Buonanotte starts as a restaurant/lounge that offers delicious dishes inspired from the Italian fine cuisine. As you will get to know, I love trying restaurants and clubs with a classy modern vibe with my girlfriends. The occasions for dressing up in my busy student lifestyle is limited, and that is why I always carry a pair of high heels to give a simple outfit a glamourous touch. My motto is to dress up as if it was your last day. However, I wouldn't say to dress up as if no one is around because I want people to see. I want people to be inspired. Art, magazines, street fashion, Korean dramas :P, and Montreal inspire me, and push me to try the untouchable. 

Coming back to my night at Buonanotte last Saturday, my philosophy about nightclubs is that someone shouldn't abuse of them by going every weekend, but to attend them for important events, like for a friend's birthday. I don't want to get sick of the feeling that I am free and that I can dance without boundaries (I still have some). And that is what I did last friday. My friends and I hadn't have such a great night in such a long time, thanks to the music, the people I was with, and of course the people who were at the club. You might not think that those partying at the same time might be so important in order for you to have a great night, but IT IS!!! Imagine dancing around people that don't know their limits or don't care about others, or those who smell and are completely wasted, or annoying guys who use the worst pick up lines. Like Really!! Does that work with other women!!!

Dressed like we wouldn't be able to go out ever again, my girls and I had the best time of our lives. We all decided to go for classy and simple outfits. No such concept as trashiness in our fashion dictionary. Our styles were completely different from one another. For my part, I went for a simple babydoll dress from H&M, paired with clear-round Swarovski earrings and Rouge Pirate lips from the Rouge Allure Chanel Lipstick Collection to add a punch of color to my outfit. I tied my hair up not only for the style, but because it was literally the hottest night ever of our entire summer in Montreal. And the greatest Night at Buonanotte.

With Love,

Lara xoxox

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