Monday, March 18, 2013

Fushia. Mandarin. Lipsticks

Preparing for summer and spring. 
My favorite colors are obviously vivid colors. 
Red (unforgettable classic). 
Colors every women must have in their beauty pouchs for this season.

 I am the type of woman looking for quality at a happy price for my wallet. I just recently purchased the perfect lipstick color in a brand I would've never thought about, +Maybelline NY Vivid. Their completely revamped line of Vivid Color Sensational Lipstick is my new favorite for the summer. Classy shades, hydrating sensation and long-lasting wear are characteristics I am always looking for when I consider the purchase of a lipstick. I wonder if it is the same for all women as well.  
What do you think? Which color is your new best friend?

I obviously use the +Lancome Canada "Le Crayon Contour" in the shade "Berry" with the 875 Vivid Rose shade of the Vivid Color Sensational line of Maybelline New York brand. 
Why I use a lip liner? 
Long-lasting Look.

What is your shade of the summer?

P.S. I will post pictures of the final results. :) 

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