Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Snowstorm in Montreal: Spring must be drunk!

This morning, I woke up with the sound of snow hovering in my room. I said to myself: "No way! We are March 19th, its Spring today! It can't be snowing." 

I was wrong. 

I jumped out of bed, rushing to the window hoping it wasn't what many weather channels predicted the day before.
And yes, 30 cm of snow were already piled up on the sides of my car. 

I really felt like staying home in my cozy pajamas and hot slippers, but Montreal's population philosophy is that even a snowstorm won't chase you away from the already planned day coming ahead. In a fashionable way, I dressed up and dragged myself to school.

I can't deny it, a Winter scenery, even on the first day of Spring is the most beautiful view every single person must experience. I've been living in Montreal my whole life and I will never get fed up of the view mother nature has to offer every Winter. 

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