Saturday, March 23, 2013

"Ambiance du Terroir" at L'Assomoir

Out of the blue, some friends and I spent our Sex & the City night at the resto-bar L'Assomoir, located in the Old-Port, Montreal.

Why I call it a Sex & the City night?

One thing to know about my girlfriends and I, is that we are just as crazy as Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. Like typical women, we gossip, we shop (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE), we love romance, we are all looking for our own Mr. Big, we love men & Sex.

I am pretty sure during our girls' night out, we at least spoke 10-15min about each one of those items.

Oh yeah, I was going to forget at the left of our table, there was for sure a potential Handsome, Hot, Sexy and Romantic Mr. Big and at the right, there was at least 10 guys that could've been our perfect gay bestfriend.

L'Assomoir is a bar where you can meet classy people that finished work and gather with coworkers to take shots after shots. Also, the bar is the perfect place for a typical date at an unusual place since the mood and the design of the place gives the feeling of a lost bar at the middle of the road in the suburbs. Their menu, even if it is a little pricey, offers a good range of cocktails, smooties, beers and their specialty, the fire drinks. All that with a DJ mixing tracks with songs from the "Quebecois" repertoire.

 Hope to see you there ;)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fashion Bright, Wild at Heart


FashionBright by laraisin featuring h&m skinny jeans

There are always four things I consider when I dress up every morning for any occasion; school, work, meetings or when I gather with my friends. 




I always thought that if you want an outfit to be balanced, there must be one item of each element. As you can see above, the skinny-legged jeans is the neutral element, the Red Peplum shirt is the colour element, the Tori Burch Flats are the Pattern and the Classic Chanel bag is the texture. 

They each give a statement and a story to the outfit.
Accessories are a plus. 
They can brighten up the most boring outfit ever or enhance the most beautiful outfit ever. 

P.S. This is something I always have in my purse: 

the Chanel Lipstick in the shade "Pirate"

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Snowstorm in Montreal: Spring must be drunk!

This morning, I woke up with the sound of snow hovering in my room. I said to myself: "No way! We are March 19th, its Spring today! It can't be snowing." 

I was wrong. 

I jumped out of bed, rushing to the window hoping it wasn't what many weather channels predicted the day before.
And yes, 30 cm of snow were already piled up on the sides of my car. 

I really felt like staying home in my cozy pajamas and hot slippers, but Montreal's population philosophy is that even a snowstorm won't chase you away from the already planned day coming ahead. In a fashionable way, I dressed up and dragged myself to school.

I can't deny it, a Winter scenery, even on the first day of Spring is the most beautiful view every single person must experience. I've been living in Montreal my whole life and I will never get fed up of the view mother nature has to offer every Winter. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Fushia. Mandarin. Lipsticks

Preparing for summer and spring. 
My favorite colors are obviously vivid colors. 
Red (unforgettable classic). 
Colors every women must have in their beauty pouchs for this season.

 I am the type of woman looking for quality at a happy price for my wallet. I just recently purchased the perfect lipstick color in a brand I would've never thought about, +Maybelline NY Vivid. Their completely revamped line of Vivid Color Sensational Lipstick is my new favorite for the summer. Classy shades, hydrating sensation and long-lasting wear are characteristics I am always looking for when I consider the purchase of a lipstick. I wonder if it is the same for all women as well.  
What do you think? Which color is your new best friend?

I obviously use the +Lancome Canada "Le Crayon Contour" in the shade "Berry" with the 875 Vivid Rose shade of the Vivid Color Sensational line of Maybelline New York brand. 
Why I use a lip liner? 
Long-lasting Look.

What is your shade of the summer?

P.S. I will post pictures of the final results. :) 

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